Your User Experience is important to us, as it is to you. We do not want you to search for a coupon code and enter it in our system every time, wasting time and effort on it. So, we have automated the coupon application process. When you click on Add To Cart, the item is added to the cart, and the relevant maximum discount coupon is applied automatically, without any additional effort from your part.
While we strive to provide the maximum possible discount for all products, some products do not get any discount applied automatically. This happens when the manufacturer stipulates that discounts are not allowed, and we do honor such requests.
We are Authorized Dealers of every Product/Brand we sell. We deal directly with the manufacturers or their authorized distributors in the USA or Canada. For software, serials are generated at their web sites directly.
Most purchases give you a part of the purchase price back as BluePoints. BluePoints are immediately added to your account and are readily available for the next purchase. You will get a cash discount of $1 per 100 BluePoints applied to the cart. Unused Points Never Expire!