Your User Experience is important to us, as it is to you. We do not want you to search for a coupon code and enter it in our system every time, wasting time and effort on it. So, we have automated the coupon application process. When you click on Add To Cart, the item is added to the cart, and the relevant maximum discount coupon is applied automatically, without any additional effort from your part.
While we strive to provide the maximum possible discount for all products, a very few products do not get any discount applied. This happens when the manufacturer stipulates that discounts are not allowed, and we do honor such requests. Again, this happens only on a very small number of products.
We have carefully calculated the maximum possible discount for every item, based on our extremely low margin. Most items do get the maximum "upto" discount percentage. Even if your selected item does not get the full maximum shown, it will be very close.
The founder, Ganesh, is someone like you, interested in owning all sorts of plugins, knowing well that most may end up being used very occasionally, or never used at all. This means, you want to spend the minimum possible on plugins. We are doing our best to get the highest discounts from manufacturers, and pass it on to you!
The founder has been in the music field for over a decade, with a vast exposure to most DAWs and Plugins. Bluetech Audio was started in early 2019, with the intention to resell music gear and software/plugins at the lowest possible prices, with bare minimum margins, and establish a long-lasting relationship with customers.
Unfortunately, adding product descriptions takes time, since it is a manual process. We are gradually adding Product Descriptions to all products, and expect to be complete by early 2020.